Personal Coaching

“I found Ed’s coaching extremely motivating at a crucial turning point in my life.  Ed has helped me focus on significant areas of my life, whether it has been self employment or health and I am proud of where I have got to”

I work with individuals to help them create exceptional careers and with small businesses to grow and create real value.  Read on for career coaching and click here to find out about small business coaching

Six years ago I was at a crossroads in my career and I knew I wanted to be happier but I had exhausted my own ideas about how, so I had some life coaching. Deeply skeptical, I hit search on the Google page, spent some time reading around websites and picked a coach.

He did genuinely change my life.  I gained huge conviction over the right direction for my career and took action on this.  I was dissatisfied with a number of other areas in life; again he helped me either make changes or put things in perspective.

Why did it work?  Because I came up with the plans and the answers.  He asked brilliant questions and was an ally and hugely encouraging but I owned the action plan so I followed through.  No more “one day I will…..”

It was so powerful that after a few weeks I realised I had to learn how to help others like myself.  So I trained at the Coaching Academy, Europe’s largest coach training school.

Through helping others (see the testimonials page) I am even more convinced about the power of coaching.  I specialise in helping clients with their careers.  I work with individual clients to achieve work-life balance for them: if your work is right and your life is right, the balance will take care of itself.

Being in the right job for you is central to living a fulfilled and flourishing life and will increase your levels of happiness.  Take a look at my blog for some ideas and quick tips on boosting happiness.

As well as 1-2-1 coaching I also run groups for stressed professionals in West London. These are currently free and are an informal way of discussing, sharing and learning ideas around work/life balance and breaking out of the stress spiral.

Given my background as an entrepreneur, I also felt that coaching would work well in small businesses.  I have combined hands-on experience, an MBA and coaching to create tools and workshops that have transformed the companies I work with.  See the links above for more details.

If you would like to find out more about coaching with Ed please see the contact page