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  • You Don’t Put a Brain Surgeon in Charge of a Hospital - For most of us there is an unquestioned desire to move forward and upward. To expand our responsibilities. to get promoted, to grow a larger business. Deep inside us as humans living in a capitalist society, we assume growth is good. In many businesses you see people promoted out of their skill set, from waiters … Continue reading "You Don’t Put a Brain Surgeon in Charge of a Hospital"
  • What is Success for You? - I often hear people say in slightly hushed tones “oh yes they are doing really well, they have been really successful.” My initial human reaction is (depending on my own state of affairs) either mildly jealous or happy for them. Then I wonder what the speaker means by this statement. Some immediate ideas spring to … Continue reading "What is Success for You?"
  • Is Taking Exercise Really That Important? - This dull looking chart is what has given me the motivation to exercise over the 10 years since I first saw it. It may be hard to read so let me explain the basics. Functional capacity on the left hand axis is defined as an ability to go about normal life – to work, to … Continue reading "Is Taking Exercise Really That Important?"
  • Seeking vs Settling - Are we as humans programmed to seek out new, bigger, faster experiences and achievements, much like some sharks need to keep moving to breathe? How do we know when to stop, when enough is enough?  It feels tiring just writing these sentences let alone living them.  Yet most of us to some degree are restless. … Continue reading "Seeking vs Settling"
  • The Choice is Yours - Bonnie Ware spent several years caring for people in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She heard many confessions of regret, one of which was “I wish I had let myself be happier”. She goes on to write “This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realise until the end that happiness is … Continue reading "The Choice is Yours"
  • Can we make ourselves Happier? - The observant amongst you will notice that the question is happier not happy.  I strongly believe that I have no right to prescribe to you how to be happy.  For a start all of us have different versions of happy or of the good life as the Greeks referred to it.  No instead lets focus … Continue reading "Can we make ourselves Happier?"
  • What the Hedonists did not know…. - How good does the first Pringle taste?  The second?  Chances are by the time you are on the 5th (or in my case 25th) the pleasure of that first taste has gone.  It turns out this is the same for all pleasures- they are fleeting and change as you experience them. This was part of … Continue reading "What the Hedonists did not know…."
  • Are you flourishing? - Martin Seligman realised 15 years ago that as a clinical psychologist he and his profession had spent all their time helping people move from miserable to ok.  No one had spent time helping people move from ok to happy.  He founded Positive Psychology and has just published latest book, Flourish. I heard him talk at the … Continue reading "Are you flourishing?"
  • Outwardly successful inwardly questioning - OSIQ– Outwardly successful inwardly questioning. The more clients I work with the more I see this pattern repeat itself. The classic symbols of success- wealth, big houses, holidays, cars are being increasingly challenged. The undisputed fact is that despite a great increase in wealth over the last 50 years we are no happier than we … Continue reading "Outwardly successful inwardly questioning"
  • Work-life balance survey - Thank you to those of you who completed the career and work-life balance survey.  If you haven’t yet then go to and answer the 6 quick questions. The preliminary results are really interesting. 60% of you would like to make changes in your work life, followed by 54% with money (the two are clearly linked).  One of … Continue reading "Work-life balance survey"
  • Proven Tips for boosting Happiness - I wrote this for the Times Newspaper It’s the little things that count – 5 things to boost everyday wellbeing Try incorporating these research based tips into your everyday life by adding one today and then one each Friday for the next 4 weeks. 1.            Write a gratitude diary This is a favourite of  Dr … Continue reading "Proven Tips for boosting Happiness"
  • The 4 L’s - I heard a new one the other day that all you need in life if the 4 L’s. 1) Learning- constant learning keeps us interested, engaged and up to date.  Without it we tend to feel stuck in a rut and that we are falling behind.  It doesn’t matter what you are learning, piano, corporate finance or Arabic … Continue reading "The 4 L’s"
  • The early mid life crisis - You may have read the articles last week about the mid life crisis starting at 35 based on research done by Relate.  It seems we are heading into a perfect storm of work stress, worries about money, young kids and ageing parents.  Sound familiar? Are you part of the 21% that felt lonely, or the … Continue reading "The early mid life crisis"