With. Haddon Coaching provides whole person coaching for business creators

We work with entrepreneurs - right at the beginning when you are perhaps considering the idea and making the move to building your own business, through to (potentially) navigating the change brought about by a successful exit, a management buy-out or succession handover. Along this path, there is: idea, start-up, scale-up, consolidation, growth, transition through exit, merger, succession - or further growth, with the arrival of relevant skills, expertise and a great deal of change to manage.

We have all created and run our own businesses and experienced various paths of growth and exit. We work with businesses and people that are seeking to be the best that they can be, whilst balancing themselves in their entirety. We develop long lasting relationships with individuals and with businesses and our role evolves as yours does. We support, challenge, question and listen - in equal measures.

We work with Founders, CEOS and MDs, alongside their C-suite of leaders and the wider senior leadership team, to amplify their impact. We also provide developmental coaching for high potential team members, sitting just on the perimeter of the senior leadership team, to enable their rapid progress. We provide a unique space for exploring potential through honest conversations.

We bring our energy, empathy and practical experience to our coaching. This is supported by a plethora of qualifications, to provide confidence in our coaching ability in conjunction with our direct business experience. We do not persuade people to be coached, we work with people wishing to invest their time and engage wholeheartedly in coaching. The Haddon Coaching team all have varied experience of their own but with the same core ethos and approach to how we work with our clients and with each other. We will ensure that we match our experience to your needs, to find the best fit for building our coaching relationship together.

Please explore our website to understand us, what we do and what people think of us. We very much look forward to hearing from you for an initial conversation, if you feel that we may be able to work together.

We have lots of happy clients.

Clare’s strength is in asking insightful and reflective questions and being open-minded and non-judgmental – the perfect environment for positive and constructive conversations.

Sarah Clark - Chief Commercial Officer, OKA furniture

I can safely say I wouldn’t have had the belief and confidence to exit the corporate world (after 20yrs!) without Julian's valued counsel, active ear and pithy conversations which have supported and challenged me to fathom “the real me”.

Alistair McAuley - Founder, Tradekart

Working with Nancy has helped me overcome long held limiting beliefs that were holding me back professionally. After years of working together, I have a much greater sense of self-knowledge and the ability to find ways to harness my strengths and differences for the good of my company.

Alex Smith - MD, Story PR

Ed’s approach is supportive but tough. He pushed me to challenge my beliefs around money, success and happiness, helping me to see how some of my own beliefs were stopping me from moving forward to start my business.

Julia Colegate-Stone - Founder and CEO, Thurston Eliot

I had some complex and significant decisions to make within my business, and I found Nick to be a personable coach with a high level of emotional intelligence and business acumen. The sessions were engaging, insightful and enjoyable at the time, but perhaps more significant is the positive long-term impact on my decision making.

Jeremy Ford-Young - Founder

I met Clare at a business turning point in my life and career when I needed to find a way to move forward; she undoubtedly helped me to do that, and knowing that she is able to continue to explore the thinking with me has been a life saver.

Francesca Findlater - Executive Head, No Going Back

I needed a reset through the pandemic but I didn't quite know what. Julian has really helped me clarify the things that are important to me, what helps me be at my best, and above all created the courage within me to take some critical decisions that will change the course of my life.

Jennifer Hall - CMO

My sessions with Nancy always help me step up another level, and they arm me with both tools and the mindset to navigate challenges and set positive goals and roadmaps. I know that I am in the absolute best hands with Nancy to get the most out of my personal and professional goals.

Polly McMaster - CEO/Founder, The Fold

Ed brings fresh thinking and drew out a lot of things we wouldn’t have got to on our own; he’s challenged us in a way that no one has done before at a senior level.

Charlie Bradshaw, CEO and Founder, Matrix

Clare is excellent at listening to what I have to say, and pinpointing the areas that need to be addressed, and her suggestions are small manageable steps that often build on discussions we have had over the weeks.

Emmalene Maxwell, Chief Financial Officer, The Fold

Having known Julian for the best part of 10 years, from a business, charity and friendship viewpoint, I have had the privilege to see first hand how he has helped to motivate, drive and energise colleagues, partners and friends alike.

Lewis Moody MBE - Performance Coach & ex-England rugby captain

Nancy's laid-back coaching approach allowed me to gain a greater understanding of myself and identify the challenges that were holding me back. Each session is always enjoyable, different and impactful.

Dan Blumire - COO, Rapha

Nick’s coaching has been invaluable for me, his ability to listen in detail and challenge with concise questions has help me move forward in my career. Nick’s coaching style is supportive and challenging in equal measure. Nick provides the perfect environment to achieve practical outcomes from each session.

Toby Driver - SVP Commercial Finance, Ideagen

Ed gave me the confidence that my own decisions actually were the right ones and therefore I
could go and execute them without worrying about it all the time.

Phil Chambers, Founder and CEO, Peakon
(now part of WorkDay)

I really like how she holds me to account and sets expectations for me to achieve. She is direct with her advice and feedback, encouraging me to envisage a clear future.

Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder, Sweaty Betty

After months of going around in circles, I was moving forwards and Ed was the catalyst.

Chris Sice, Founder and MD, Blended Republic